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Acrylic Painting

A trip to Creative Spirit Studios will give you the opportunity to walk the nature trails, visit the Medicine Wheel, and learn more about spirituality, the awakening conscious while deepening your knowledge of painting through hands-on experiences. ​A retreat style workshop where adults from all backgrounds are invited to learn creative self-expression through fun and engaging intuitive painting exercises and spiritual practices.

Workshops can be presented as a one-day intensive, or a three to five-day retreat. At Creative Spirit Studios.

Everyone wants to be happy and yet most of us struggle with overwhelm and anxiety. What if you could change a few simple things or impliment a couple of new habbits that would change all that for you? This workshop is designed to do just that. Take your life from ordinary to extraordinary in this self-paced online course designed to help you experience your own personal tranformation and live the life you were meant to live.
Online Only

Explore a variety of acrylic painting techniques using various tools and methods of application. We will cover the basics for those just getting started and then learn techniques such as alcohol dissolve, direct transfer, color layering, wipe out, rag on/off, pouring, modeling paste texturing, scraping, glazing, and resist. 

Workshops can be presented as a one or two-day intensives, or a three to five-day workshops. Click the button to the left to enroll in Thursdays at Creative Spirit Studios or click the schedule call button below to inquire on dates and times for you or your group. 


Planet and Moon

  • Metaphysics & the Law of Attraction - A great introduction into universal principles. Topics discussed include energy, auras, chakras, meditation, healing, transformation, and enlightenment. Tonya will explain how you are already sensing and using energy.  She'll dives in deeper with hands-on experiences for working with energy and seeing the aura.  Additional topics of discussion will be  frequency, dimensions, energy fields, and your internal GPS system. 

  • Schedule a call to inquire about booking a dates and times for this class at Creative Spirit Studios or your location for you or your group.

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Tonya Henderson is a Teacher with a passion for helping others.

Tonya is a teacher of acrylic painting. She teaches painting at the Flint Institute of Arts in Flint Michigan. She also instructs painters and spiritual seekers from her home studio in Gaines MI (Creative Spirit Studios), and throughout the Great Lakes Region.


As a teacher of meditation, metaphysics, and self-awareness, Tonya is dedicated to assisting her clients on their path to greater happiness, self awareness, and enlightenment, utilizing painting as one method for achieving this. Learn more below.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tonya the artist and the entrepreneur, and both experiences were fantastic. She takes a compassionate, thoughtful approach to all of her work and is able to help her clients understand what drives them and what hinders them better than anyone I’ve ever seen, which allows for genuine transformation to take place. If you get the opportunity to work with her, by all means do it!

-- Amanda

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