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Live & Learn with Creative Spirit Studios-
1 to 5-day experiences

The Live & Learn program was developed for the advancement of intuition and soul connection. Helping you deepen your experience of self through exploration and training.

A trip to Creative Spirit Studios will give you the opportunity to walk the nature trails, visit the Medicine Wheel, and learn more about acrylic painting from a seasoned acrylic painter.

These workshops are open to all skill levels. Meeting you where you're at on your personal journey, novice or experienced. (no experience required) 

A retreat style workshop where adults from all backgrounds are invited to learn techniques for greater awareness and creative self-expression through fun and engaging activities, intuitive painting exercises, and time in nature. 

Choose a one-three or-five day workshop and explore your creative nature. Learn more about this opportunity below. Spaces limited.

One Day Workshop

One day workshops are especially designed for those within driving distant to have an experience of the studios with friends or family members. Or to make new friends.

Arrive by 9am and begin with techniques in mindfulness and connecting with your intuition.

Bring a sack lunch of your choosing or visit the local Superette and have something prepared for you.

The workshop will conclude at 3pm. Leaving you free to enjoy your evening at one of the many local parks or restaurants.

This workshop is also terrific for small groups such as a bridesmaid thank you gift or office party.

One day workshops can be booked according to your schedule and open to up to 6 students at the studio. (Larger groups at your location) Inquire about an event for your group by clicking the contact me button.

Woman with a Pencil
3 Day Workshop

A three-day experience is perfect for those who will need to travel to the studios.  Arrive Friday evening and enjoy getting to know the staff and fellow participants with a guided meditation and spiritual conversation. Saturday, delight in deepening your connection to self through meditation, hands on painting experiences, energetic movement, and conversations to help you see yourself in new and profound ways.  

Weather permitting, we will enjoy some outdoor activities such as a campfire, walk, or outdoor creativity.

Lunch, dinner, and accommodations provided if desired. 

Sunday will provide more time to engage in workshop activities. Workshop concludes at 3pm. 

Look for area attractions below.

Three day workshops are scheduled bi-monthly and open to 5 students only at the studio. Inquire about an event for yourself or your group by clicking the contact me button.

Next available date April, 2023

5 Day Workshop

A five-day experience will take you on a deep dive into personal growth and self-expression. 

Designed for the serious seeker wanting to expand their practices and painting knowledge.

The daily schedule will resemble the three-day workshop with daily meditation, movement practices, and conversations on universal principles as well as hands on painting exercises to connect you to your soul’s essence.  You'll also enjoy time exploring the local area and spending time with other guests.

Open to a maximum of three participants per session to ensure lots of one-on-one time with Tonya for personal connection and experience.

On site accommodations, including most meals by request. 

Five day workshops are scheduled bi-monthly and open to 3 students only at Creative Spirit Studios. Inquire about an event for yourself or your group by clicking the contact me button.

Next available date May, 2023

To inquire or schedule a workshop please book a call by clicking the button below.
Area Attractions
Stepping Stones Falls.jpg
Stepping Stones.jpg

Stepping Stone Falls


For-Mar Nature Preserve

Durand Depot.jpg

Durand Depot

Seven Lakes.jpg
Seven Lakes Beach.jpg

Seven Lakes State Park

Linden Park 4.jpg

Clover Beach

There are many attractions just minutes from Creative Spirit Studios where you can explore and enjoy a brief adventure either on your way to or from a one-day workshop. 

If you are coming for a 3-5-day workshop you can put in your requests for a visit to one of these or many other opportunities in the area. And we will explore them together during your visit to the Studios.

Five day workshop participants may also enjoy a trip to the local art museum.

Stepping Stone Falls, Blue Bell Beach, and For-Mar Nature Preserve are all located just 30 min. north-east of the Studios. Excellent for a little picnic, walk on the trails, or to learn of local plants and animals.

The Durand Union Station is the most photographed depot in the country, built in1903. It's the home of the Michigan Railroad History Museum and gift shop. Located just ten minutes from Creative Spirit Studios it not only an excellent site to visit, but if you enjoy traveling by train it's a great way to get here!

This area is also full of parks and recreational areas. Such as Seven Lakes State Park, Eagles Wooden Park, Linden County Park & Clover Beach, just to name a few. 

You are sure to enjoy your time here!

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