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Energy Art

Shift the energy of your home or office with a custom made work of art specifically created for the shift you would like to make. 

Through the use of shapes and color, artworks can evoke an emotional response. In fact, it's been said that art is the most potent form of emotional communication.  

It is also true that artworks can hold a specific frequency or vibration. Somewhat due to the use of color itself, but also as a result of the artist's intention, state of being, and connection to states of flow, or creative consciousness. 

Every artwork I create begins from a state of meditation and connection to my creative source. I move from meditation to painting once a pathway to that souce has been created, ensuring that frequency is high and my intention is clear.

These images are then a perfect way to balance the energy of a space, make it more inviting, be a source of upliftment, invite awareness, or any other purpose you might have for your living space or office. I invite custom orders based on your specific needs. Not sure what you need? Choose from a selection of all ready created original artworks or prints.

Additional Artworks & Watercolors may be viewed by following this link.

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