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Tonya Henderson - Visionary Spiritual Artist

Tonya Henderson is a skilled Energy Painter, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Artist Coach & Mentor, with a passion for helping others on their journey of self-discovery, awareness, and personal growth.

Tonya graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver Colorado and holds a diploma for Computer Graphics from the Dubner Training School in Hackensack New Jersey.

She began working with WJRT-TV12 in Flint Michigan, designing on-air graphics and creating artwork for documentaries and commercials. She has worked as a graphic


artist for advertising agencies, marketing firms & graphic design studios, creating artwork for billboards, newspaper ads, brochures, and corporate marketing materials.


During this time Tonya was introduced to the work of Edgar Casey and Ruth Montgomery. She began to learn about Numerology, Astrology, Alternative Medicine, Tarot, Reiki and more. In these early days of her career, Tonya’s paintings were based on spiritual concepts, often reflecting ideas from biblical teachings while integrating all that she was learning about Metaphysics and the nature of the universe.


Now, as a Visionary Artist, Tonya creates spiritual paintings reflecting the flow of energy, visionary landscapes, and dreams. They express the unseen, give glimpses of otherworldly places, alternate realities, and pseudo-universes which are wild and energetic.


She has developed what she calls Personal Energy Portraits. A Personal Energy Portrait is a reading of your personal energy, combined with Tonya’s unique artistry. It captures the imagery of the visions she sees while reading your energy. This reading gives insight to your personality, personal obstacles & challenges while directing you to your path of least resistance, helping you along your journey.

As a 30-year student of metaphysics, Tonya has studied various healing modalities and is a Reiki Practitioner, Divine Intervention Practitioner /Reverand, and Medical Intuitive. Clearing blocks, balancing Chakras, releasing toxic emotions and restoring Life Force Energy while relaying messages from your guides and angels.

Tonya is currently a teacher of acrylic painting at the Flint Institute of Art in Flint Michigan. She also teaches drawing, painting, and art classes at various locations throughout Michigan. While offering retreat style workshops and more from her home studio in Gaines Michigan.


She is a teacher of meditation, metaphysics, and self-awareness dedicated to assisting her clients to find their way to a path of enlightenment. Tonya has also created a transformational course called Finding  Happy and offers FREE  groups for personal and art business growth.


Her work has been exhibited in shows from Pittsburgh to Orlando, Denver to New York City and extensively throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  Tonya’s artwork is now part of private collections in more than 25 states.  She has won several awards in graphic design, illustration and fine art painting was included in the 23rd edition of Who’s Who in American Women.

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Working at Expo

Helping you create a clear vision for your future with Personal Energy Portraits.


I help visual artist form a clear vision, build or grow their art business, and learn to create a viable income, so they can quit their day job! -- Tonya

Need a Speaker

Tonya is available for speaking in-person and on-line. Regarding any of her programs, coaching, or training topics.

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Personal Energy Portraits

A Personal Energy Portrait sometimes referred to at a Healing Portrait, is a painting/reading of your personal energy. These portraits give insight into your personality, personal obstacles, & challenges while directing you to your path of least resistance. All paintings include a full reading.


They are fun, entertaining, and enlightening pieces of original art that can aid in helping you to remember your reading. They can be used as a focus for meditation, and sometimes bring new ah-ha moments weeks later, simply by viewing the artwork.

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You can purchase original works by visiting my Etsy shop at:  or making a studio visit.


You can find upcoming events, classes, workshops, and opportunities by finding Tonya on Facebook at

or clicking the Calendar of Events tab on the left sidebar.

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