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Helping you create a clear vision for your future.

3 Reasons Why you Should Choose Creative Spirit Studios

A Personal Energy Portrait may be fun and entertaining but for those who are open to it they can also be very enlightening and meaningful. 

My biggest hope is that they help you on your journey of self discovery and awakening. That they bring new hope and encouragement to you and that they help you see yourself more clearly.

"One of the most heartwarming and ethereal experience I have had. Thank you so much!"

No matter what age you are, no one wants to feel critized about their level of understanding or ability. 

I take great care to make each of my students feel accomplishement and experience  improvement.  Wheather they are 10year old painters or 50 something artrepenuers. 

Kids Painting Class - Faces

You are nonjudgmental and are happy to give more knowledge or examples throughout. --Kathleen

Studio Painters_edited.jpg

I take my position as a coach seriously but always make sure my mentees are having fun all along the way. 

I love helping others get a clear vision for their life and career. Setting goals, and staying on track are the differnce between manifesting your dreams and dreaming. 

What I love most about serving others in this way is helping them maintain a state of flow and inspired action.

Tonya helped me drill down my dreams with a vision of what I could do differently, a workable plan was born.  As a caring and intuitive guide, she has quite a way of keeping you accountable to yourself. --Patt

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