Personal Energy Portraits

A Personal Energy Portrait sometimes referred to at a Healing Portrait, is a painting/reading of your personal energy. These portraits give insight into your personality, personal obstacles, & challenges while directing you to your path of least resistance. All paintings include a full reading.


They are fun, entertaining, and enlightening pieces of original art that can aid in helping you to remember your reading. They can be used as a focus for meditation, and sometimes bring new ah-ha moments weeks later, simply by viewing the artwork.

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The paintings are as unique and interesting as each of the individuals who sit with me. The readings are generally a sign of where an individual is emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and occasionally physically. They will point to things in the past as well as what the future might hold. They may show where a person is on their

journey toward awakening or enlightenment and point them in the direction of their next step. A one-of-a-kind experience you won't want to miss out on!


Find me at regional Holistic Expos creating Personal Energy Portraits on the spot or call to schedule an in-studio portrait session. I often do on-location visits with regional shops and will attend your party or event to create portraits and/or conduct classes.


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Personal Energy Portraits Explained