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Artist Business Coaching & Spiritual Life Coaching

Tonya Henderson is a skilled Coach, with a passion for helping others..

I love coaching fine art painters. Helping them find the mindset required to succeed in a career in art making. Helping them learn to price their paintings, market their work, and building a business with their art through workshops & coaching.

I also enjoy helping those on a spiritual path understand themselves and their place in the world through meditation, attitude adjustments, forward journaling, and connecting to their soul through painting experiences. 

As a coach you have two ways to work with me...

Still Life Painting
Coaching & Training
for Painters

Start your journey by joining my FREE group "The Profitable & Abundant Artist" where I go LIVE each week with business & mindset coaching specifically for the fine art painter.

Then consider joining the weekly coaching membership for those who are ready step up their game thru a more personal experience of coaching.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Start your journey by joining my FREE group "FindingYour Happiness" where I post content and videos for transforming the way you think about yourself, your life, and how to be happy.


"For many years I struggled with keeping my focus on being a full-time artist.  Often, I just found myself being derailed for one reason or another. My passion was calling, I wanted to make my living through the arts.  It was time to get focused on me. Tonya helped me drill down my dreams with a vision of what I could do differently, a workable plan was born. As a caring and intuitive guide, she has quite a way of keeping you accountable to yourself. Certainly, I completely endorse the Abundant Artist Mentorship Program to all who wholeheartedly desire to get their artist life on track."  -- Patt

Need a Speaker

Tonya is available for speaking in-person and on-line. Regarding any of her programs, coaching, or training topics.

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