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Still Life Painting
Coaching & Training
for Painters

Start your journey by joining me on Patreon. Where each week I share business & mindset coaching specifically for the fine art painter. You'll also find classes for learning about painting, marketing, and selling your work.

If you are ready to go full out in building a side hustle or full-time business with your painting, please join the "Passionalte Spirit" level to experience next level coaching in a small group setting and get your questions answered as they apply to directly to you and your business.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The "Finding Happy" online course is designed for those who may be sensitive to the energy and emotions of others and/or feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious?


In this course I'll show you methods to control and soothe your emotional responses to the world around you. You'll learn tools and techniques to help you go from stressed to blessed & find your happy.


to learn to take control of your day by implimenting practices that will lead you to inner happiness. Understand energy in a new way and how you can take your foot off the brake and create a momentum towards living the life you desire.

One-on-One Coaching

As a lifetime student of Metaphysics, Tonya coaches on topics such as your energy, mindset, and manifestation.

As a coach, Tonya Henderson is a spiritual counselor, teacher of metaphysics, psychic intuitive, and passionate about helping others learn to love themselves.

She empowers people to become "inner" dependent so that they may leave behind overwhelm, self-doubt, sadness, and anxiousness in favor of emotional and physical well-being, success and happiness.


Tonya's style is authentic, engaging, and interactive, leaving her clients with practical tools and processes they can use for personal transformation. 

Tonya Henderson is an empathic Coach, with a passion for helping others..

Tonya enjoys coaching fine art painters. Helping them find the mindset required to succeed in a career in art making. Helping them learn to price their paintings, market their work, and in building a business with their art through workshops & coaching.

In addition Tonya enjoys helping those who are intentionally on a spiritual path working towards understanding themselves and their place in the world through meditation, attitude adjustments, forward journaling, and connecting to their soul through painting experiences. 

As a coach you have three ways to work with Tonya...


"For many years I struggled with keeping my focus on being a full-time artist.  Often, I just found myself being derailed for one reason or another. My passion was calling, I wanted to make my living through the arts.  It was time to get focused on me. Tonya helped me drill down my dreams with a vision of what I could do differently, a workable plan was born. As a caring and intuitive guide, she has quite a way of keeping you accountable to yourself." -- Patt

"Tonya is an amazing mentor. She meets you where you are. She is committed to your success and offers her wisdom to get you where you want to go." -- Chevon M.


"I truly appreciate how Tonya provided ideas and thoughtful recommendations for business outreach and growth opportunities...She helped me transform my mind viruses to an eager, productive mindset... Even with the many obstacles that life brings, her encouragement, clear guidance and support helped keep my business goals on track. I look forward to the continued business coaching and the fruitful journey ahead! --Victoria

A short clip from the "Awakening with Katina Love" podcast on the topic of "Manifesting Your Ideal Mate" 

Need a Speaker

Tonya is available for speaking in-person and on-line. Regarding any of her programs, coaching, or training topics.

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