Classes, Workshops, & Upcoming Events

Find scheduled events on the "Creative Spirit Studios" Facebook page by clicking the button below.  Call 810-471-0665 to schedule any workshop at your location.

Noteworthy Lectures, Classes & Upcoming Events

  • Grow the Artist - Acrylic painting program for all skill levels. Coming this summer to Creative Spirit Studios brand new studio space. Spaces limited, Learn More.

  • The Abundant Artist Mentorship Program - Education, Training, and Coaching for Painters.  Watch the FREE introductory masterclass here.

  • Online Personal Energy Portrait Appointments (Zoom sessions come with recording) - Call to book - 810-471-0665 or click here.

  • One on One Coaching Sessions - Schedule a Free Inquiry Call - Click Here

Creative Spirit Studios is Expanding Offers For Visual Artists & Spiritual Seekers

Creative Spirit Studios offers in-person, on campus, and online business coaching & painting instruction for the visual artist. Helping you develop your skills as a artist and grow your love of painting into a full time career.

In addition, as a development center for a growing community of artists, art enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers, we are asking the question... how does one go about "living the creative life".

At Creative Spirit Studios we have created a safe, quiet place away from your normal life, work, stresses, confusion, and self-doubt, by offering an art experience crafted to the individual needs of our clients.

Located just East of the most famous train depot in the country and minutes away from Stepping Stone Falls, For-Mar Nature Preserve, and Seven Lakes State Park.

Tucked into acres of farmland away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life is this retreat style environment especially designed for the aspiring visual artists or those wishing to immerse themselves in meditative, spirit lifting, and an empowering art experience. For the day, the weekend, or an entire week!

Call 810-471-0665 to learn more about the following opportunities...

  • The Abundant Artist Mentorship Program

  • Personalized Painting Instruction

  • Intuitive Painting for Self Realization

  • Visit the on-site art gallery by appointment only.