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Personal Energy Portraits

A Personal Energy Portrait is essentially a psychic reading. The result is a beautiful artwork delivered with a full reading. These readings were developed by Tonya as a way for her clients to better "see" what her visions of them looked like and to have a deeper more meaningful reading. To learn more click below.

Self Portrait_edited.jpg
Spirit Guide Paintings

Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse at one of  your spirit guides and learn a little about who they are and what they are offering you?
A Spirit Guide Painting is a reading of your energy to identify one of your spirit guides and recieve a message. They are custom made just for you in colored pencils or acrylics. Click below to view.

Energy & Matter 

These paintings reveal the movement of energy, universal landscapes, visions, and dreams with a spiritual concept or message at their core. Or are of a traditional subject matter created in either acrylic or watercolors. Subject matter may include energy, animals, landscapes, botanicals, and more. To view these works click the link below.

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