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Personal Energy Portraits

A Personal Energy Portrait is essentially a psychic reading. Blending the information held in your energy field with the visions I see while reading your energy, a unique original work of art is created that tells a story about you. You recieve the art to help you remember your reading and an explaination of the art with a full reading to deepen your experience. 

Spirit Guide Paintings

Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse at one of  your spirit guides and learn a little about who they are and what they are offering you?
A Spirit Guide Painting is a reading of your energy to identify one of your spirit guides and recieve a breif message to help guide your path. They are custom made just for you in colored pencils or acrylics. Click below to view.

Inner Light
Energy Art For Your Home

These paintings express the movement and flow of energy to express a spiritual concept or message at their core. Created to shift the energy of your living space or office. Select a custom order for your specific need or choose a ready for purchase item. Click below to learn more

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