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How Do You Connect To Spirit?

I connect to my higher self, guides, and angels. Then ask, what do you have for this individual today. I always see visions in my mind, sometimes hearing words or lyrics, and often feeling sensations or emotions.

Can I ask a Specific Question?

You can. Especially if you are doing a basic reading. If you are having a Personal Energy Portrait then I feel that you will have a more rounded reading if you hold your question until the end of the reading.

Do I Need to Find You In-person to Have a Reading or Portrait?

Personal Energy Portrait Readings can be acomplished via a zoom session. Plus you will receive a recording of your session!

What is Your Schedule for Portraits?

You can book a time that is convenient for you either at the Studio or as an online zoom session. I keep Fridays pretty open for booking appointments but have openings throughout the week. 

I'm Interested in Booking You for a Party, what do I need to know?

Four or more make a party and I will travel up to an hour. Travel over an hour may require a travel fee. I also offer the host of a party of eight a free portrait.

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