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On the Brink of Mighty Change

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Do you feel like you’ve been on a Teetertotter? You Might Just be on the Brink of a Mighty Change!

The Teetertotter was a fun experience when both parties were equally weighted and equally enjoying the experience. It was virtually effortless play, but when the other was not equally weighted with you, you found yourself working hard to keep the game at play and the fun soon disappeared. And when your partner abandoned the game you were left unable to enjoy it at all. What would you do then? What were your choices after all? Were you going to sit there and wait for another to join you in hopes they would be a better match? Or would you hop off and search for joy in another game? I've been feeling like many of us have been on this Teetertotter like ride in our lives. With people jumping off the status quo way of living, while more and more begin to struggle with the imbalance. It seems to have been happening in stages and everyone seems to be in different parts of it, but it sure seems like it's happening to everyone. If you are aware of it or not. Have you noticed? I noticed that some hopped off just prior to COVID-19 and kudos to you for leading the pack. Some continue to work way too hard to keep their old life from changing while others are like "I don't want to play this game anymore" but don't know what to do to stop it. While others just sit there wondering why no one wants to play this game anymore. Change is with us. It's here to stay. The only question is how long will you continue to struggle playing this old outgrown game and how long will you sit there waiting for someone who matches you to show up? I feel we are moving away from a time when we as individuals look to another to bring us balance and towards a time when we learn to stand on our own. This does not mean we neglect or abandon the other, (quite the opposite) but that we each stand in our own power, balanced and strong. Thus, becoming what we might term "Superhuman". Where humanity then operates in a brand-new way. We recognize our oneness with each other while also taking full responsibility for our own lives and choices. And recognizing that we are our brother’s keeper.


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