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Healing the Sickness

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

There is a terrible sickness in our world that is affecting nearly everyone on the planet. A sickness that is rooted in fear. It doesn't matter what culture you are from, it doesn't matter if you're male or female. It really doesn't even matter how old you are. It's out to get you!

With this sickness comes feelings or unworthiness and not feeling loved. It makes you miserable, anxious, or depressed. This way of feeling has become commonplace. Think about how many people you know that feel this way to some degree.

They speak out about their bad day, horrible boss, lousy job, overbearing spouse, obnoxious children, or loud co-worker. All of this has become... "normal". We seem to hate our neighbors, talk poorly of shop keepers, judge our friends, and feel disappointed in our family members. You are not immune.

Yet if you ask almost anyone what they want most out of life they will tell you "I just want to be happy". Ask any parent what the hope for their children to be, and the answer is "I just want them to be happy".

I can't be the only one who sees the irony in all of this.

I find myself asking others things like:

How does it make you feel to think your boss doesn't like you?

Do you really believe that your skin condition will never improve?

Is it really worth lossing your friend over something that trivial?

Because if it doesn't feel good to think your boss doesn't like you then why don't you start thinking "he thinks I'm great" because you think you are great don't you? Wouldn't it be a happier thought to think that your skin condition is getting a little bit better every day. Even if you don't see it getting better, is it not a better thought to think that it will?

Friends, good friends, are not that easy to come by. At least not with so much sickness in the world. Wouldn't it be better for you feel to happy knowing your friend was wrong rather than trying so hard prove yourself right. I'd rather be happy than right. What does it really matter after all.

The only way out of this sickness is to stop feeding it the fuel of negativity. Start today by sharing the things that make your heart happy. Share what you are grateful for today. Talk to yourself with loving affection. Pretend that everyone is either your family member or your greatest friend and give them the respect you would like to recieve.


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