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My Perspective on Spirit Guides and Angels

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

My first perspective about guides and angels is very simple. If you believe there are guides then you will perhaps hear guides, see guides or sense guides. If you do not believe in guides then you will not hear, see, or sense them. If you believe in angels then you will perhaps experience or sense angels. If you don't believe you won't see them.

You will see it when you believe it - Wayne Dyer

To get a better sense of what I mean, lets first think about the term God. What is God? My perspective is that God is a word that is used to describe what it called in the scientific community “The Quantum Field” or “Field of Intelligence”. Sometimes referred to as the “Source” or “Energy” in the spiritual community.

This Source is the Quantum Field of Intelligence, it is pure energy. It is what lies within the seed, that which sprouts the seed, and that which becomes expressed through the tree. It is what guides the butterfly through its migration, and calls the bear into hibernation. This energetic field will express itself to you as a guide, or an angel if that is the way you are most open to receiving it. It could also be expressed to you in countless other ways, and in fact, is being expressed in countless ways. Always attempting to get you to pay attention to it, and always communicating with you in whatever fashion you are currently capable of receiving.

With that in mind, if you like the term guide, use it. If you prefer the term angel, then use that. If you prefer getting in touch with your “Higher Self”, that is great too. After all, most folks don’t like to hear you say, that you are having a conversation with God. They prefer you speak to angels, Jesus, or maybe infinite intelligence.

It is my perspective that these terms are in fact all the same thing. Aspects of the all that is.

I am that, I am.


When creating Personal Energy Portraits I connect to the field of intelligence and ask "what do you have for this individual today". Knowing that what ever I receive for them is exactly what they they need to hear and know most in that moment. If you would like to book a Personal Energy Portrait click here.

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