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How to Create Sacred Space in Your Home

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Although it would be really awesome, you don't need an entire room dedicated to your spiritual practices. I'm going to show you how creating a quiet nook here, a small altar there, with some spiritual art like a Personal Energy Portrait, candles, and sage can turn your entire home into sacred space.

One thing I know a lot about is how to make good use of space! After living in a tiny house for 20 years you learn a thing or two about utilizing your space.

"Think multiple small altar spaces"

The following is a short list of four steps you can take to make the most of your small spaces for your spiritual altars.

First look through you home for small areas of opportunity and don't forget to turn on all your senses and feel your way through the entire process. Focus on finding a shelf space, a side table, or a blank wall. It would be awesome to find all three of these in the same small space, but it is not necessary.

Once you discover an area that seems perfect to you. Then let's focus on making the most of it. Here is a list of common altar or sacred space elements that you might consider adding to your sacred space: Altar candle or Intention candle, sage or smudge sticks, gemstones or crystals,

and if space allows maybe an altar cloth, spiritual artwork, singing bowl or bell.

Arrange only the items that make sense for that space. There is no need to place everything you have in just one location. Remember that clutter is not helpful to the movement of energy and what we are working towards is a subtle reminder to remain present and mindful.

Will this be a spot you go to for meditation or will it be a gentle reminder of presence? If it's for meditation make sure to tuck a pillow, blanket, or chair in or around your sacred space for sitting on during your meditation.

Anything that doesn't belong in this first location can still be utilized throughout the remainder of your home. Think of your home in its wholeness your sacred space and place a large crystal on a coffee table, a work of art behind your couch.

A spiritual symbol such as a cross or medallion upon a stack of personal growth literature on your nightstand. Or consider a portable altar that you can slide under your bed or into the closet!

Find a wonderfull collection of items to add to your sacred altar space in my "Spiritual Gifts Collection" on Etsy.


Altar Elements:

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