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Five Awesome Altar Gifts for your Spiritual Friends in 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

An altar space helps you focus on your spirituality and gives you a place to reconnect with spirit, settle into your heart space and restore your mind and inner peace. If you friends don't already have an altar space, you might want to consider starting them out with an altar cloth.

The altar cloth (#4) sits upon a small table or bench and all the altar items then sit upon it. It's a great place to start and if you notice they are missing this item consider getting them one with a grid, you simply can't go wrong with a grid! The grid is used for placing crystals, another great idea for gift giving. Find more altar cloths at Crystal Grids.

I've included four additional items that are unique or must have items. Like Mala beads. (#1) Mala beads can be beautiful pieces of jewelry in the form of a necklaces or bracelet. Their meaning and use have adapted over time. The Mala have a spiritual use in meditation and prayer, like a rosary, but with mantras for each bead, rather than a prayer.

A multipurpose gift the Mala beads could be worn or laid upon the altar. Making it a great

option for gift giving. Find more choices at Vibe Jewelry Inc.

Another favorite item that your spiritual friends are sure to love is the Soul Painting. (#2) A Soul Painting is a psychic intuitive reading. These little paintings make awesome additions to the altar setting. Giving it a personalization unique to your friend. Custom made; these paintings offer an experience of a "reading" while giving a one-of-a-kind original artwork to boot! Find Soul Painting at the Painting Poet.

Next up is the Chakra candle.(#3) No altar is complete without a candle! It's a must have on every altar. These Chakra candles take giving a candle to the next level as each has been reiki charged with a specific chakra in mind and blended with essential oils.

There is no need for understanding of the Chakras as each candle comes with a description of the chakra, it's ideal use, ingredients, and instructions. What's even better is that these candles are vegan and made USA. Find them at the Renegade Jewelry Store.

Last but certainly not least is the Personal Energy Portrait.(#5) This is a spiritual artwork

channeled specifically for the receiver.

Appointments are scheduled to sit with the artist while they are being created. The reading itself is recorded and the artworks help in remembering the reading.

A wonderful way to add color, personality, and deeper meaning to the altar space. Making them the perfect gift for your spiritual friends and perhaps a wonderful gift for yourself as well. You can shop Personal Energy Portraits at Painting Poet.

To the right you will find a list of each of the sellers mentioned in this article. You can find them all on the Etsy platform. One of my go-

to shopping sites for unique gifts.


Altar Gifts for your Spiritual Friends can be

found on Etsy at these links:

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