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20/20 Vision

Updated: Jan 16

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! Special Edition Personal Energy Portraits.

I'm really excited to help people anchor in their NEW YEAR!! Let me help you discover a clearer vision for your future! This special edition portrait comes with a full hour session so that we may work together to bring you into greater clarity and define your focus for the upcoming year, as well as provide you with a beautiful one of a kind work of ART!!

These Portraits are a limited edition opportunity and have never been offered in this way before. There is a limited number of spaces available! I only have room to serve 10, so don't wait to book your session! On a brand NEW size! These portraits will be created on a 16" x 16" gallery wrap canvas and painted with only the finest quality acrylic paints.

A Personal Energy Portrait sometimes referred to as a Healing Portrait, is a reading of your personal energy. These portraits give insight into your personality, personal obstacles, & challenges while directing you to your path of least resistance. All paintings come w/full reading. They are fun, entertaining, and enlightening pieces of original art that can aid in helping you to remember the reading. They can be used as a focus for meditation, and I've been told, new ah-ha moments come sometimes weeks later by viewing the artwork.

Personal Energy Portraits are available all year long! Don't wait click here and book a session.

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