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The Abundant Artist Mentorship Program Is A Big Hit!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The Artist Mentorship was just an idea in 2018 and became an experiment in 2019 when I took everything I was teaching in my "Marketing for the Artist" course at the museum art school and blended it with a few of my spiritual teachings. That experiment turned into success for the program participants and as a next level offering for Creative Spirit Studios.

From there the Artist Mentorship grew and expanded once again. When it was turned into an online course called The Abundant Artist Mentorship Program. This course blended the marketing aspects I had been teaching at the museum, concepts in spirituality, and general business knowledge with a more comprhensive online course that includes downloadable resources for running an art business.

Now instead of expanding, the program is narrowing. I have realized that the next level of service would be to specifically help intuitive or empathic artists discover how to bring all their talents and knowledge to the table in one authentic expression of themselves and build a business with their art.

When I was young... I didn't think one person could make much of a difference in the world...

This is an exciting time to be an artist and an even more exciting time to be intuitive or empath as well. Bringing these talents together has the potential to sky rocket a career or business in the arts.

I know that as I look forward toward my 60th birthday that it is time to pass the baton to the next generation of intuitive painters. My vision is that there will be such a need for these services in the future that this business could look a lot like Starbucks. Not that we will be serving coffee (although, I'm sure there is merit to that idea) but that there will be an empathic painter on every corner.

The best time of course to begin a career as an empathic painter is NOW! As the curve is still in the upward bend. And I feel highly qualified to take those who are up for the challenge and ready to step into their next level as a painter and intuitive/empath/psychic.

Ripples on the water.
We impact the world with everything we choose to be, say, or do.

I'm so excited to serve these individuals so that they in turn can serve their clients, and together we can begin to change the world in our small way. I see each of them as one more stone tossed into still waters creating ripples. I see these ripples moving out slowly across the entire surface. Impacting everyone they cross paths with.

When I was young, I didn't think one person could that. I didn't think one person could make much of a difference in the world at all. I felt knock about by the world. But now I see it. I am the change. By simply helping others who will come after me, help others who will come after them. Our combined efforts create the result.

-Tonya - Creative Spirit Studios


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