Tonya Henderson teaches a variety of workshops throughout the year. These workshops are held periodically in locations throughout Michigan and the surrounding region. If you are interested in having Tonya teach any of these workshops for your group or event, or at your location, please send an inquiry through the Contact Me page.

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  • Find Your Happy - Easy Techniques that will help you live an extraordinary life without struggle and overwhelm. A self-paced online course - The butterfly represents transformation, the awakening consciousness, and living your fullest expression in this life. This program is designed for you to experience your own personal transformation.

  • Online Only

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Acrylic Painting Techniques

  • Acrylic Painting Techniques - Explore a variety of acrylic painting techniques using various tools and methods of application. We will cover the basics for those just getting started and then learn techniques such as alcohol dissolve, direct transfer, color layering, wipe out, rag on/off, pouring, modeling paste texturing, scraping, glazing, and resist. 

  • Workshops can be presented as a one or two-day intensive, or a three to five-day retreat. At Creative Spirit Studios or your location.

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Intuitive Painting Workshops

  • Intuitive Painting & Building The Artist  - Dive into the realm of intuition and creative exploration. Learn simple meditation techniques that will assist you in coming into alignment with your inner guidance. Explore your inner world and learn how to have greater freedom of expression. Stimulate your creative potential, dissolve your creative blocks and develop a creative process that works in harmony with your soul. No painting experience necessary, this is an experimental workshop for the novice or experienced painter wanting to connect deeper with the soul.

- Workshops can be presented as a one-day intensive, or a three to five-day retreat. At Creative Spirit Studios.

Free Masterclass

For the mentoring program, I invite you to start by watching this FREE Masterclass - with no obligation.