Watercolors are Tonya's second love. They permit her to work quickly outdoors, create work while traveling, and paint in a way that delicately describes nature.


She enjoys working directly from nature, noticing the play of colors and accurately describing her subject matter.


Tonya is intrigued by the fun whimsical way an image can come together while working with watercolors that are in contrast to working with acrylics. She often will use pen & ink along with watercolors for fun or for a more illustrative quality of the art.


A variety of her watercolors and acrylic paintings can be found in her online Etsy shop. Simply follow this link to discover Tonya's Etsy shop.


If you are interested in these images or would like to commission Tonya to create an image for you, please click here or call 810-471-0665.

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