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Thank You!

I look forward to speaking with you!
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I hope you will enjoy the following testamonials....

To grow as an artist without growing spiritually would be grossly insufficient. How can they be separate?

You have yoked them together in a way I could not have fathomed from the outset of our journey a year ago! Your mentorship has been a game changer. Things have shifted for me so organically, it is difficult to say the words of how it happened, even what happened.

I am in a wholly different place with a set of life practices that help me emotionally, spiritually, and expressively. I am grateful for your patience, prodding, and encouragement. I am grateful for your integrated, imaginative, playful accompaniment on my journey as well as your skilled, steadfast, suggestions about how to move forward.

I have tried to put into words an appropriate thank you. I feel I’ve expressed the most miniscule piece of what my heart feels but take it as a seed… that will grow. -- Marcia

For many years I struggled with keeping my focus on being a full-time artist.  Often, I just found myself being derailed for one reason or another. My passion was calling, I wanted to make my living through the arts.  It was time to get focused on me.

Tonya helped me drill down my dreams with a vision of what I could do differently, a workable plan was born.  As a caring and intuitive guide, she has quite a way of keeping you accountable to yourself.

Certainly, I completely endorse the Abundant Artist Mentorship Program to all who wholeheartedly desire to get their artist life on track. -- Patt

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