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Spiritual Life Coaching

As a lifetime student of Metaphysics, Tonya coaches on topics such as your energy, mindset, and manifestation.

As a coach, Tonya Henderson is a spiritual counselor, teacher of metaphysics, psychic intuitive, and passionate about helping others learn to love themselves.

She empowers people to become "inner" dependent so that they may leave behind overwhelm, self-doubt, depression, and anxiety in favor of emotional and physical well-being, success and happiness.


Tonya's style is authentic, engaging and interactive, leaving her clients with practical tools and processes they can use for personal transformation.



Sessions may be scheduled at your your convenience, either online or at Creative Spirit Studios in Gaines Michigan. 


To book a FREE inquiry session to insure we are a good fit for one another, click the button below. This is a no risk conversation!

A short clip from the "Awakening with Katina Love" podcast on the topic of "Manifesting Your Ideal Mate" 

Additional Services

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