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You Have Two Bodies

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Each of us has an energetic body that exists within and around our physical body.

You could think of this energetic body as a container for all your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. An intuitive, empath, or psychic reader is simply picking up on what is held within that container.

For instance, an empath may be able to feel your feelings and then describe what they are feeling, and you would recognize that feeling as being yours. A psychic may be able to visualize an experience held in your energetic field and give you details about that experience. You would know it was accurate by the details shared.

You see, every thought you think or every thought you have ever thought still exists in this way. Every feeling you have ever felt, every experience you have ever had, all held within that container. The energetic body.

When I “read” someone I am simply looking at what is in their container. Because there is so much information there I always ask, “what do you have for this individual today”. In this sense I am inquiring with what we might call the higher self or what I will sometimes refer to as the God Self. Others might say your inner being, or an angel.

This inquiry for guidance always results in what the individual most needs to hear (or is most open to hear) in the moment of the reading. The information provided is presented to me in multiple ways. I might see an experience in my mind’s eye (a vision), or I might hear some words, a phrase, or lyrics. Sometimes I will have a sensation within my body, which can be localized, or the entire body. Many times, I will receive any combination of these all at once.

When creating a Personal Energy Portrait, I am recording the visions and when I give the reading, I am including not only the explanation of the vision but all the additional information that comes through sensations, feelings, or words.

What is very exciting about these PEP’s is that I don’t always know or understand everything that is given to the level the person receiving them does. Sometimes weeks later I will get a call, text, or email that they have realized something even greater, or more profound was discovered, by viewing the paintings in a different state of mind!

Remember I said, “what they most need to hear or what they are open to hear”. Our current state of mind always determines what and how we hear, see, or experience something. So, when they are ready, they see it and/or understand it.

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