We all Want to Change the World- but how?

Updated: Sep 6

When we think about what we want, most people will say they just want to be happy. Our definition of what happiness is, however, changes as we age. Young adults’ associate happiness with excitement, while older adults’ associate happiness with peacefulness.

One thing we can all agree on is that happiness is a top priority in our lives. When we are happy, we smile more, have a lighter attitude, and feel more excitement about life.

In Metaphysics we use the word lightworker to express those who have that lighter attitude and tend to smile more, because we understand that the energy being projected into the world from these individuals is itself lighter. As we are all impacted by this energy, and these individuals in their own way, do changed the world.

Think of it as a ripple in the pond effecting everything it touches. Just as negative energy can impact us so do good vibes. Making a simple choice to be happier and smile more creates change. If you impacted just five people and eventually those five people each impacted five more people, and so on, as a result we each can change the world.

So how do we become happier and therefore impact the world more positively?

  1. Happiness is directly connected with the release of dopamine in the brain. When we criticize or judge ourselves and others the dopamine system shuts down. Notice when you become judgmental and change your thoughts about the situation to ease your discomfort.

  2. Things like raises, promotions, new houses, and educational achievements feel good for only a few fleeting moments, but they have no long-term happiness benefits. Instead, cultivate a feeling of happiness in your thoughts. Spend a few moments everyday thinking about things that make you happy.

  3. A preoccupation with past mistakes and failures can lead to sadness and depression. Bringing your attention to the present moment and looking for anything to appreciate can brighten your day.

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