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The Soul Grows from Subtraction

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The soul grows by subtraction, not addition.

This was a quote that came to me from a video I watched, produced by the Shift Network. If you are not familiar with the Shift Network, they are a group that promotes oneness and conscious business. They sponsor an event and day of oneness, with thought leaders from around the world, such as Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marianne Williamson each fall. I was listening to a replay earlier today.

It struck me deeply as an incredibly simple and profound statement. This simple statement could help you realize your potential if you can comprehend its simplicity. We usually think of ourselves as needing to become more of something, more intelligent, more capable, more important, or more beautiful. We have this idea that we are not enough, so we keep adding to our personalities to be more of something and have more of something.

If you understand that you are an expression of divine intelligence, then it stands to reason that you were born being enough, that you are exactly enough to be who you were meant to be without adding anything. Our goal should be to subtract all those things we come to understand we are not. We were born from perfection to come forth and become extraordinary. Few have the faith, desire or belief to achieve an extraordinary life, but everyone has the potential.

I am not what? What are you being, that at the core of you, you are not? How about you start with "I am not unworthy".

If you strip away all that you are not, what is left? Authenticity. You would become authentically you. The "you", you were meant to be, extraordinarily you. Your purpose would light up within you. You would shine your light everywhere, on everyone.

Most of us are caught up with, attempting to live up to expectations and obligations. Maintaining a gap between who we really are and who we want to present ourselves as, to the public, our friends, and our families. Denying who we are or who we wish we could be. Hiding aspects of ourselves because we are afraid of not being accepted or loved for who we really are.

Self-examination is required to become aware of who you really are and to integrate all aspects of yourself into the you that you present to others. This is a time that demands subtraction of what you are not, like removing the tarnish from precious metals to reveal the beauty underneath. You too must subtract what you are not and reveal the beautiful extraordinary deliciousness that lies hidden behind your fear of rejection.

You are pure love at your core. Step beyond your fears and reveal your shiny brilliance, I know it’s within you, do you?


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