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New Artist Mentorship Program Date Announced

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Our first Mentorship Program got underway in May of 2019 and it is proving to be a success for us and our participants!

NOVEMBER 16TH, 2019 -- 11-5PM

I'm very happy to announce a new start date for those wanting to join this program!

NOVEMBER 16TH, 2019 - Kick off Workshop 11AM - 5PM at Creative Spirit Studios or join us on Facetime video chat!

Come to this workshop and enjoy the company of others that are facing a similar journey as your own. A journey of self discovery, confidence building, determination, support and encouragement.

After attending the workshop you will continue your journey of becoming the fullest expression of who you are with the mentorship program. This program is offered in two ways.

The first is an online Facebook group which you can access 24/7 to gain support from a growing list of workshop participants. Tonya will check in with this group on a weekly basis to answer questions and offer continued education.

The second is a year long monthly live video chat with Tonya where you can get direct answers to your most pressing questions.

January 2022 Update: this course/coaching program has been retired.

Join my FREE group "The Profitable & Abundant Artist" for fine art painters Today!

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