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How Melissa Went From Pandemic Burnout to Art Business Owner in Less Than a Year

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Melissa was just a teenager when she experienced a brain injury that left her relearning everything she previously had known. One of those things was drawing and painting. Melissa recognized that she wasn’t as "good" at creating art and was lacking the confidence needed to pursue a career in art, so she proceeded to became a schoolteacher instead. Putting her art and painting dreams on hold.

I met Melissa about a year ago when she reached out to me asking if she might be able to create a business from her artwork. She was a bit shy and insecure about her potential but held a deep desire to succeed at her first love.

After looking at what Melissa had been creating, I could see very clearly that not only was her work good enough she had a distinctive style and a built-in marketing angle. We were both very excited to work together to help her overcome her mindset issues and build a business with her art.

She began my coaching program and followed each step, asking questions along the way, Melissa took every opportunity to do everything I presented to her. With every suggestion made, Melissa was implementing and finding small successes with every step.

Building a business with your painting is about taking one step at a time and celebrating your small successes all along the way to maintain your enthusiasm and the momentum required to go distance.

Here are some of the steps Melissa took:

  • She adjusted the way she thought about her artwork and began to see what I saw in her; a crazy potential for wild success!

  • She understood exactly what she had to offer and why she needed to be offering it; to serve her community with high vibing art with messages of love and light.

  • She did some research and learned what her competition was doing and how to position herself to stand out from the crowd; being 100% authentically Melissa.

  • She learned who would be her ideal client; what they love and what they needed.

  • She put in place everything she needed to do to make her business legal and began keeping records for her business to be ready for tax season. (smart girl)

  • She learned to price her artwork to ensure she not only made sales but also a profit and began to grow her fan base with simple techniques and marketing strategies.

Because of Melissa’s willingness to work the steps I laid out for her; she is already experiencing the success she had been dreaming about. It will be one year since I met Melissa come April 25th, 2022. I couldn’t be prouder of her, the work she is creating, and the success she is having. You can check out Melissa and her artwork by joining her FREE Facebook group called a Joy-filled BookSmartArt Group.

Her style is sweet an whimsical and loaded with inspirational quotes and bible verses to encourage and uplift. Be sure to share her page with others!

If you have a desire to build a business with your painting, I would looove to help you accomplish what Melissa has accomplished and perhaps more! Take your love and passion for painting and run with it! There hasn't been a better time to be a painter than NOW.

That's why I have created the The Profitable & Abundant Artist FREE Facebook Group. I share each week with a live video "Tuesdays with Tonya" at 4pm est, plus you'll have acess to classes and workshops for the fine art painter.


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