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Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Holiday Gift Guide

Spring brings us back to thoughts of growing things and remembrances of childhood... and mom. Mother’s Day being right around the corner. What could be better than cozy, comfortable, fun, or amazing gifts and the opportunity to shop small! There is not a better season to remember the mom-and-pop shop than when shopping for mom or pop! (am I right?)

Below you'll find a list of items that would be perfect for that mom that might be a little bit woo-woo like myself. I know that if I were to recieve any of these items I would feel very loved and thought of, not to mention accepted for who I am!

Five your mom something she will love this Mother's Day that is uniquly her. Here are some top picks:

#1 A Personal Energy Portrait is a unique psychic reading with a result of a sprinkle of enlightenment and an original one-of-a-kind work of art for the recipient.

#2 Original Watercolors is something mom is sure to love and when it's original there is no worry about mom getting it from someone else before she sees you!

#3 Mandala Necklace. Whose mom doesn't enjoy jewelry. And if your mom is a metaphysical kind of mom then a spiritual gift like a mandala as a necklace - she's going to love it!

#4 Spiritual T-Shirts. There is a uniqueness to a metaphysical mom, and she deserves something as unique as she is. If you need a gift for mom this shirt is winner.

#5 Leather Boots. Although these boots won't be perfect for every metaphysical mom, I'm sure they will be a real pleaser for some of them. They are cute, colorful, and would be a whole bunch of fun to wear.

#6 Car Seat Cover is a gift for every mom. This gift will help her not only stand out from the crowd but do it with spiritual statement.

#7 A Bohemian Blanket for cuddling with her children or grandchildren might be the way to go if your mom is one who loves curling up on the couch with a good book.

#8 Writing Journal is perfect for those moms who are serious about the spiritual journey. Logging dreams, recording inspiration, and pouring out their hearts are just some of the ways they could use this gift. (I personally love journals)

#9 Coffee Mug. Even if your metaphysical mom isn't coffee drinker a spiritually geared mug is perfect for the tea drinkers in the crowd as well.

#10 Gift Cards. This list wouldn't be complete without a greeting card to top off your mother’s day package. Or maybe you just want to send a special note to your mom this year. Do it with a beautiful card with a special spiritual message.

Click any of the number titles above to head straight to the shop your looking for and make a small business purchase this Mother's Day!


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