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Are you an artist, a painter, a lover of brushes!

Are you’re trying to figure out how to price your work and what “branding” means? Or maybe you are wondering when the confidence in your work kicks in, or how others manage their time to fit in painting at all! Ugh!

It’s tough figuring it all out on your own. I know, because that’s how I did it! That’s why I’ve created this FREE Facebook group for painters who may be struggling with operating their art like a full-fledged business.

You deserve to follow your passion and earn a living doing it, and everyone could use a partner with a positive mindset in their corner, or a community of others who are working to empower one another.

The Profitable and Abundant Artist Group is a place to share your struggles as an artist, and a place for you to share your Ah-ha moments when something finally clicks in for you. Share what you’ve come to understand and look for solutions to your artistic challenges.


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