Tonya Henderson has been teaching classes and workshops for approx. 20 years. The following is a list of her current offerings. To see upcoming dates and times for all classes and workshops click on the Classes, Workshops, & Events tab or for additional information click the events tab on her Facebook page. (I am currently only offering the following courses as online zoom sessions until further notice)

Planet and Moon

  • Acrylic Painting & Techniques Classes

Students learn the qualities of different paints on the market and how each is utilized, what brushes to use, how to begin a painting.

Students will then work through a selection of acrylic techniques including layering, scraffito, negative painting, alcohol drips, wipe out, rag on, glazing, spraying, printing and more. Focus will be on one to three techniques completed successfully.


  • Beginning Drawing -

This class delivers the basics in line, form, perspective, and light. Students will leave feeling more confident having completed exercises that can be repeated for

continued growth.


  • Metaphysics & the Law of Attraction - A great introduction into universal principles. Topics discussed include energy, auras, healing, transformation, and enlightenment.


  • Sensing Energy, Seeing Auras, &  Universal Principles - Tonya explains how you are already sensing and using energy.  Then dives in deeper with hands-on experience for working with energy and seeing the aura.  Additional topics of discussion will be  frequency, dimensions, energy fields, chakras and your internal GPS system.



Tonya offers painting classes at the Flint Institute of Art in Flint, Michigan.


Painting and energy classes are offered at her studio, Creative Spirit Studios in Gaines, Michigan.


Tonya travels throughout the Great Lakes Region providing these classes and workshops at private homes, shops, galleries and more.


To have Tonya join you and your group, or attend your events as a presenter,  simply send an inquiry by using the contact me button below.

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